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Although tooth loss can be an embarrassing and frustrating ordeal to experience, your smile can be successfully refurbished with an implant-supported restoration. Dental implants are one of the, if not the most effective tooth replacement solution provided in the dental industry today. These small posts are surgically placed and designed to bond with your jawbone. Dental implants can support a single dental crown, dental bridge, or even a full arch denture – depending on the severity of your tooth loss. Discussed below are five benefits of dental implants.

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Dental Implants Provide Improved Comfort and Functionality

Replacing your teeth with an implant-supported restoration enables your dental function to be fully restored. It is the only tooth replacement solution available that is designed to replace the entire tooth from root to crown. An implant-supported restoration is reinforced by dental implants in the jawbone that will keep your remaining teeth from shifting out of place. Shifting teeth can result in dental pain, TMJ disorder, and a host of other issues. By replacing your missing teeth with dental implants, it will preserve your natural alignment.

Because nearby teeth are not altered, as with a traditional bridge, you will not experience the dental sensitivity that often follows. Traditional dental bridges are supported by nearby teeth and traditional dentures rest directly on the gums. Both can cause wear and tear on nearby teeth, uncomfortable sores, and bone loss.

Dental Implants Can Boost Self-Confidence

Tooth loss can prevent you from smiling with confidence. Once your dental implant restoration is in place, you will notice an increased desire to show off your pearly whites. Smiling is a natural mood enhancer. You will also find that being able to enjoy all your favorite foods and eliminating dental pain will result in a newfound freedom and better quality of life.

Dental Implants Deliver Realistic Results

Your dental implant restoration will be customized to blend with the natural aesthetics of your smile. Each tooth will be crafted to match the shape, size, and color of your missing teeth, providing realistic results. Unless you tell someone, most people will be unaware you have had dental implants placed.

Dental Implants Offer Unparalleled Durability

Because the implants integrate with your surrounding bone tissue, it provides superior support and lasting results. Your restoration will also be crafted from durable materials that are designed to mimic natural tooth enamel, not only in aesthetics, but in sturdiness. With traditional restorations, certain foods must be avoided, as they can cause displacement or damage.

Dental Implants Promote Better Oral Health

The roots of your teeth are designed to stimulate the nerves within your jawbone. Each time you bite down or chew, these nerves keep your jawbone healthy and stable. Once teeth are removed, these nerves are no longer able to be stimulated. This can result in bone loss and changes to your facial structure. Even traditional restorations cannot keep this from occurring. Since dental implants are designed to imitate tooth roots, your jawbone will remain healthy and structurally sound, resulting in better long-term oral health.

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