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The Secret for a Summer-Ready Smile with Porcelain Veneers

There’s a thin margin between Spring’s renewal and Summer’s simplicity. However you experience them the seasonal transition is good for your attitude and your dental health. Simple, slight changes can transform your smile. You’ll feel more summer-ready for those weddings, your vacation, or a high school reunion. Porcelain veneers are a simple, two-appointment cosmetic dentistry … Continued

Invisalign® Can Solve A Common Problem

“Technically speaking…” When someone says that, it’s natural to expect a detailed list of information. There’s a technical aspect to Invisalign® orthodontic treatment. I’ll not bore you with the details and yet knowing the treatment’s capability can make it even more appealing. I’ve shared the obvious cosmetic dentistry benefits of Invisalign® in recent posts. No … Continued

Invisalign – 3 “More-Than-Meets-the-Eye” Benefits

“There’s more than meets the eye…” Whoever originated that phrase understands the value of cosmetic dentistry. Even more, are the deeper than eye-appeal benefits of straight teeth. Invisalign clear aligners deliver both. You receive an attractive, confident looking smile plus “…more than meets the eye…” Short of perfection Bottom-line, what value is there in having … Continued

How Invisalign Creates Positive Changes With Low-Impact on Your Lifestyle

Change is inevitable. Leaves change signaling the arrival of fall and your available daylight hours change as result of setting your clock back. Dental health changes are inevitable too especially when you choose Invisalign™. Straight, aligned teeth are the most noticeable changes. A few basic expectations Before making a change it’s important to anticipate the … Continued

Simple A-B-C’s for Protecting Your Orthodontic Investment During School Hours

Habits and routines work. But they’re at risk when a change happens in your daily schedule or your supervision. Back-to-school season is here. That means a major change in your child’s daily routine. Perhaps their summer routine included your investment in orthodontic treatment. Or they could be returning to school with a few months remaining … Continued

Knoxville Invisalign Treatment Process: What to Expect from Start to Finish

  Choosing The Right Invisalign Dentist Looking for Knoxville Invisalign invisible, removable braces? Choosing Invisalign dentistry is an important decision that will affect your quality of life, so finding an experienced, dependable dentist you know you can trust is key. When selecting a Knoxville Invisalign specialist, location, price, experience, and how comfortable you feel with … Continued

Invisalign for Teens

Are you a parent of a teen thinking of getting Invisalign? No teen wants to have metal brackets on their teeth for school pictures! Invisalign for teens is a great choice for your teenager to successfully straighten their teeth while not being visible to any of their peers! Invisalign for teens is absolutely 100% as effective … Continued

Traditional Braces VS Invisalign

If you are considering traditional braces vs. Invisalign to straighten your teeth or your child’s teeth, you probably have a lot of important questions! Questions like which method is most effective? Which is more affordable? There are so many factors that go into play when you’re deciding which way you want to fix your smile! … Continued

Invisalign Experts in Knoxville, TN

If you’re considering getting Invisalign, you’ve probably done your research and you’re ready to have a beautiful smile, but did you know that there are actual health benefits to having straighter teeth? Getting Invisalign done by Dr. Ruth Bailey in Knoxville can drastically improve your oral health! How, you ask? Easier cleaning. I remember having … Continued