What Really Happens at Dental Checkups?

Dentists recommended that you schedule a dental checkup every six months, but have you ever wondered why? If you brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and don’t experience any tooth pain—a regular checkup may seem unnecessary. The truth is that a dental checkup can help prevent problems and detect possible tooth decay and … Continued

Tooth Decay – The Not So Subtle Truth About It

It has as many aliases as a con-artist. Whatever name you give it, tooth decay is serious. You might refer to it as cavities or the more technical term, dental caries. Either way it’s vital that you get ahead of tooth decay before it worsens…and for good reason. Call it what it is Bottom line: … Continued

What Fluoride Does to Protect and Strengthen Your Teeth

Fluoride is misunderstood. Yes, there’s an amount of it in the water you drink but is this enough? Good question. The answer has more to do with how vigilant you are to protect your tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. In that case, wouldn’t you agree that more is better? Meet the resistance Your teeth … Continued

Dental Anxiety is Real But There are Some Effective Remedies

Anxiety can affect you at any time. Seasonal events, holidays, life transitions, and more are common stressors. Dental anxiety is also significant for some. Perhaps you have experienced it on occasion. If so, you’re among the 15% of Americans that face it. It can be as simple as anticipating a dental appointment or as substantial … Continued

Improve the Value of Your Dental Insurance

We wouldn’t blame you for procrastinating. More so if you’re in the midst of holiday activity. Your dental care is perhaps not top of mind. That said, your dental insurance perhaps isn’t as well. Sure, a dental emergency or scheduling reminder might tip you towards a call to our office. We’re here if necessary. The … Continued

Preventive Dental Care – Do This If You Enjoy “Treating” Yourself

Everyone, including you, sneaks a treat or two. It’s trick-or-treat time after all and the holidays are arriving soon. Candy, sugar-snacks, and all that “goodness” you enjoy are everywhere. You should be able to treat yourself and not feel guilty. In fact, there’s a way you can do that and know that your teeth and … Continued

How to Approach Your Dental Care When You’re Expecting a Baby

Pregnancy shakes things up a bit. Right!? That’s not news to you whether you’re pregnant for the first time or you’ve been pregnant before. Your diet, doctor appointments, physical exercise, and yes, your dental health, matters. In fact, the dental health aspect is an important part of your wellness plan as an expectant mother. Less … Continued

Why Now is a Good Time to Listen to Your Dentist and Dental Hygienist About Preventive Dentistry (Including Flossing)

Is it best to ‘er on the side of caution? Preventive dentistry can help answer that question. Actually, preventive dental care takes a more proactive approach to your oral health. It’s not so much cautionary it’s more about taking responsibility. Tooth decay and cavities happen. And your likelihood of developing gingivitis that can progress into … Continued