Missing teeth cause a number of challenges. The good news is that restorative dentistry provides you options for your tooth loss.

There are two popular treatments. Each have their advantages and their disadvantages.

So, how do you decide between a dental bridge and a removable partial (denture)? First, let’s compare the two.

A dental bridge (fixed partial denture) is designed to replace your missing tooth. It relies on the support of your healthy, adjacent teeth or a dental implant and it cannot be removed by you.

A removable partial (denture) can replace one or more missing teeth. You can easily remove and replace it within your mouth.

What dental bridges do (and don’t do)

Your dental bridge is a secure restorative dentistry treatment. It restores your tooth function such as chewing, your appearance, and your speech that’s been affected by tooth loss.

A dental bridge is more comparable to your natural teeth. The fixed quality of your bridge will feel more natural in your mouth.

Your bridge is easy to maintain and clean. It occupies less space in your mouth and will not cause as much tissue erosion as a removable partial.

The primary disadvantage of a dental bridge is its inability to replace the loss of multiple teeth. Also, repairing or modifying a dental bridge can be time consuming (appointments) and costly.

What removable partial dentures do (and don’t do)

A removable partial is capable of filling a larger area where you’ve lost teeth. This is a primary difference between a removable partial and a fixed dental bridge.

Preparing your mouth for a removable partial denture is less invasive. Your existing tooth structure will not need to be altered as much.

Your removable partial will cost less on average. You can also remove it to clean it consistently and when participating in sports.

And now for a few disadvantages…

A removable partial can move and shift in your mouth. The instability can create a gag reflex on occasion for some.

Removable partial dentures can irritate and over time erode your gum tissue. It’s vital to keep your partial clean and the tissue surface clean and healthy as well.

Allow your Knoxville dentist to help you decide about your missing tooth solution. Schedule a dental examination to discuss your restorative dentistry options including a dental bridge or a removable partial.

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