It’s no secret that conventional dentures are not as stable as natural teeth. When transitioning to dentures, patients must relearn how to chew with prosthetic teeth that are not firmly anchored by tooth roots. Dentures stay in place as a result of suction, so too much pull can easily dislodge them. This can lead to embarrassing situations when dining with friends and family and can be downright frustrating. Knoxville dentist Dr. Ruth Bailey offers another solution to tooth loss in the form of dental implants.

Implants – A Versatile Solution to Tooth Loss

As a versatile tooth replacement option, dental implants can mimic the stability of natural teeth, whether you are missing one teeth or many. Much like your natural tooth roots, a dental implant’s titanium base is anchored in the jawbone to provide you the most life-like replacement for your missing teeth.

For a single missing tooth, one dental implant can replace the tooth, root and crown. For a full arch of dentures only four implants may be needed per arch to create the same level of stability you have relied on your whole life. Thanks to an effective snapping mechanism, implant-retained dentures can be easily removed for cleaning.

Comfort and Confidence

In addition to greater stability, implant-retained dentures are also more comfortable. Traditional dentures often shift and rub against the gums, which creates friction and may lead to sensitive gums and oral lesions. Because implant dentures are attached directly to the jawbone, there is no risk of this happening.

You’ll feel great and have the confidence to enjoy all your favorite foods, without having to stop and wonder if your dentures can handle it. Corn on the cob, whole apples, chewy bagels—all these items will be back on the menu!

Prevent Future Bone Loss

When any teeth are lost, the process of bone resorption is inevitable. Because the tooth root is no longer present in the jaw, the body stops sending the nutrients necessary to retain healthy bone tissue. Bone mass is gradually lost and the lower jaw appears to shrink. Whether you are missing one tooth or many, the site of your missing teeth will gradually lose bone mass. Dental implants prevent this process and ensure your facial structure remains the same.

Not only will your implant placed dentures or dental crown look beautiful and natural, but they will also help you retain your facial appearance and prevent jawbone diminishment.

A More Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

Another great benefit of dental implants over other tooth replacement options is the fact that they tend to need little maintenance and frequently last a lifetime. The process of getting dental implants may take a few months to complete, but once the dentures or crown has been placed, it will need very little maintenance over time.

Dentures may seem like a more affordable option than dental implants, but the dimensions of the mouth will gradually change as a result of bone loss. This means that dentures will need to be relined regularly to make sure they fit your mouth. Once you factor in the cost of all those visits, the costs may actually be more comparable.

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