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What parent doesn’t want their parent to succeed in school? Much of their success mindset has to do with their personal sense of well-being.

Knowing that, consider this scenario.

You inform them that they require orthodontic treatment. It wouldn’t surprise you to hear, “Braces, no way!”

Orthodontic treatment has advanced. Invisalign®️ for teens provides your teen a solution for straighter, healthier teeth without the emotional challenges associated with braces.


It’s common to delay orthodontic treatment. Braces have a reputation for being unattractive, uncomfortable, and a hinderance to your teens extra-curricular interests.

Sports, music, and social status can be a challenge during orthodontic treatment. Braces often add another layer of practical and esthetic issues.

Athletes and musicians agree

Invisalign®️ for teens supports your teen’s athletic and musical involvement. Invisalign®️ aligners are removable and reduce the risk of impact because they’re not made of metal or ceramic.

What’s this worth?

A significant advantage of Invisalign teen®️ is their reduced lifestyle impact. Because they aligners are removable they can enjoy their favorite foods without concern of food being caught in their braces.

Invisalign®️ aligners are made of clear, plastic resin. This makes them virtually invisible while your teen is wearing them.

Your teen’s self-esteem gets a boost. Their teeth will be straightened and their health improved without the loss of confidence associated with traditional metal braces.

Invisalign®️ for teens is comparable in cost to standard braces treatment. The treatment period is also less with Invisalign®️ depending on your teen’s orthodontic issues.

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  1. My daughter plays soccer for her high school, and she is not looking forward to getting braces. She is is very competitive, and has taken a face to the ball more than once. She is worried that once she has braces, it’s going to hurt even worse. However, if she had invisalign, she could take it out while she played! She wouldn’t have to worry about it.

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