Missing teeth can limit how well we communicate with others. Not only do they affect the way we talk, but they also make us less confident to speak and smile openly with those around us. Missing teeth affect our ability to chew our meals and enjoy a wide range of healthy foods. Even the loss of just one tooth can disrupt your alignment and lead to major problems with the way your teeth fit together efficiently to grind the food you eat. Knoxville dentist, Dr. Ruth Bailey offers dental implants as a permanent, durable option for replacing your missing teeth. Your beautiful smile helps you make the perfect first impression; don’t let missing teeth hinder that smile any longer.

Improve your appearance and confidence with sturdy implant-based replacement teeth; schedule your consultation with Dr. Bailey today in Knoxville, TN to see if dental implants are right for you. Call 865-588-1294 or visit us online.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are composed of biocompatible titanium posts, which are placed in the jaw to replace missing tooth roots. Ultimately, they form the base that will stabilize your replacement teeth, or tooth, after they have successfully integrated with the jaw bone. If you are only missing one tooth, an implant forms the base for a single porcelain crown to be permanently attached. Multiple missing teeth can benefit from an implant-supported bridge, or detachable implant-based full or partial denture.

Unlike other restorations, dental implants are placed in the empty socket left from the missing tooth. It is the only tooth replacement option that provides a fully functional artificial tooth root, which means implant restorations feel and act more like natural teeth. Traditional replacements, such as bridges and conventional dentures, only sit on top of the gums, replacing only the visible part of the teeth. This means they never quite feel right, and don’t work as well as natural teeth. With implants, your full range of biting, chewing, and speaking capabilities are restored 100 percent.

Dental implants can replace teeth that have been lost to severe decay or gum disease, as well as fill the empty space left from a knocked-out tooth. Implants can also act as a sturdy base for dentures, if you need for full or partial dental plates. Dr. Bailey can assess your oral needs and recommend the proper implant solution for you.

Who Can Have an Implant?

In order to be a suitable candidate for dental implants, you must be in a good state of overall health and have a healthy jawbone. If your jaw does not have enough bone mass to support dental implants, Dr. Bailey may recommend bone grafting either before or during implant placement, to help boost your bone mass. Additionally, we will review your medical history for any conditions that may prevent you from healing properly after the implants are placed. Your body will need to accept the implants and integrate them into your healthy jawbone tissue in order to create a sturdy base for your crown, bridge or dentures.

Benefits of Dental Implants

You will be able to confidently enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods with dental implants. Since implant-based dentures are securely attached via a snapping mechanism, they are more stable than ordinary dentures and let you bite and chew with the confidence that they won’t slip loose.

Dental implants also provide a permanent correction for missing teeth. Unlike traditional bridges and dentures, one procedure should correct your situation for good. With non-implant prosthetics, you will always require regular maintenance because the dimensions of your mouth change over time, as bone tissue diminishes. This is why traditional dentures tend to fit poorly after a few years, slip loose, and be less effective overall. With implants, your prosthetic teeth will be more stable and more comfortable—and they will stay that way permanently.

Furthermore, dental implants prevent the shrinking-jawbone effect that changes the way your face looks. When teeth are lost, our bodies stop providing the vital minerals needed to maintain healthy bone tissue in the jaw. The jaw gets smaller and smaller over a period of 10-20 years and creates a shrunken look that is one of the most dramatic signs of aging. With dental implants, you can avoid this effect entirely.

Dental implants provide a wide variety of benefits; to learn more about how they can positively influence your smile, schedule your restorative appointment in Knoxville, TN with Dr. Bailey. Call 865-588-1294 or visit us online today!

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