Knoxville Laser Dentistry

Knoxville Laser Dentistry for the Modern Dentistry Era

The word “laser” is very familiar in our culture. From Star Wars to lighting to supermarket checkout scanners, lasers are everywhere. Albert Einstein published the theoretical basis for lasers in 1917, but the first lasers weren’t developed until the early 1960’s. While technology can seem daunting at times, modern laser dentistry is technology worth learning about.

Today, lasers have been used in medical and dental applications for decades, and the state of the art has experienced many breakthroughs. Dental lasers provide not only an advanced treatment option, but in many ways, a treatment option far superior to traditional dental drills.

For Knoxville Laser dentistry, Dr. Bailey is an excellent choice for individuals who are typically anxious about dental visits. Dr. Ruth Bailey has extensive education and training in laser dentistry, and performs every procedure with patient comfort in mind.

The benefits of laser dentistry include:

    • Laser dentistry is safe, effective, and FDA approved, with little or no side effects.
    • Lasers cut tissue comfortably. Traditional dental drills remove the tooth by means of friction – producing heat, discomfort, and potential tissue casualties in the process. Lasers “ablate” (vaporize) tissue with an extremely narrow beam of light. They also eliminate any unpleasant smells associated with a traditional drill.
    • Lasers are precise. The narrow beam of a dental laser – operated by a skilled professional – is so specific that neighboring tissue is left untouched. This also means more of the healthy portion of the tooth is preserved.
    • Laser dentistry reduces the need for anesthesia. In some cases, no anesthesia is used at all!
    • Lasers are quiet. That infamous shrill whine of the dental drill is but a memory; lasers emit only a quiet clicking sound when in use.
    • Laser dentistry is faster, meaning less time in the dental chair.
    • Lasers minimize infection. The beam sterilizes the area as it cuts, reducing potential bacterial infection.
    • Lasers dramatically reduce bleeding following soft tissue procedures. Because lasers do an excellent job of cauterizing tissue during a procedure, there is little bleeding. Also, there is limited need for sutures.
    • Laser dentistry is available for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Lasers can be used on teeth and on gums. Some of the many uses for lasers include:
      • cavity detection
      • cavity filling
      • tooth whitening
      • tooth reduction
      • gum surgery
      • TMJ treatment
      • nerve regeneration
    • Laser treatments require briefer recovery periods. Thanks to the accuracy and self-sterilizing nature of dental lasers, affected tissues need a much shorter time to heal.


  • Laser dentistry is a good choice for patients who deal with anxiety regarding dental visits because the discomfort level is greatly reduced!


If you’re interested in learning whether having local Knoxville laser dentistry is right for you, contact our Knoxville dental practice today (865) 282-4993 to schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. Bailey!

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