Laser Dentistry - A Better Gum Treatment (Without Surgery)

“There has to be a better way.” Saying those words implies there’s something you would prefer to avoid.

You might have a similar reaction when a dental exam reveals you have gum disease. It’s especially concerning when the recommended gum disease treatment includes the word, “surgery.”

Your gums require proper care. It’s why they receive a high percentage of attention during your routine dental check-ups.

Periodontal disease, including gingivitis, can be treated if it’s diagnosed early. The outlook changes if your gum disease has progressed and gum surgery is necessary.

The “better way.”

Gum surgery once involved a series of dental appointments. Often, a referral to a periodontist was necessary depending on the severity of your gum issues.

More than two invasive gum surgery procedures and subsequent time to heal following each one was the common treatment approach. Not to mention the follow-up appointments for suture removal and more healing time before your next procedure.

Laser dentistry has radically changed gum surgery. In fact, the treatment process has been reduced to less office visits and much less pain than with standard surgical procedures.

The advantages of laser gum treatment

Think of it as surgery without a painful, post-operative incision. The thin, hair-like laser removes your diseased gum tissue between your gum and tooth.

The laser also eliminates infection at the source. I’m able to do this in the comfort of our Knoxville dental office without making an incision.

Following the tissue removal, the pinpoint laser seals (cauterizes) the treated area. You will experience little to no bleeding after your laser gum treatment.

Your experience is completed with only minor discomfort. In many instances you should be able to receive the laser treatment without local anesthesia.

Expect a quicker recovery time following your laser gum surgery. It’s common for standard gum surgery to involve two to four weeks post-op recovery.

Laser dentistry improves treatment, healing, and the general recovery processes. The advanced technology provides you a better way to treat your gum and oral health issues without the burden associated with traditional surgery.

Ask us about all the laser dentistry treatment procedures available to you at our Knoxville dental office.

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