3 Smile Imperfections That Porcelain Veneers Correct

There are many cosmetic dental procedures that effectively correct smile imperfections. However, some treatments take years to produce results. In certain cases, Knoxville general dentist Dr. Ruth Bailey suggests dental veneers in lieu of orthodontics, teeth whitening, or dental bonding. Some types of dental stains don’t respond to our Zoom!® whitening treatment. Orthodontic treatment requires years of commitment, as well as dietary restrictions and lengthy maintenance. For these and other conundrums, in which porcelain veneers provide immediate results: a more attractive, bright, and shapely tooth for a more appealing smile.

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What Is a Dental Veneer?

Veneers are specially crafted shells made of layered porcelain. They create a natural looking concealment for imperfect teeth surfaces. Each porcelain veneer is custom created in an offsite lab to fit the needs of each unique patient. The shells are paper-thin so that they lay flat against the surface of a prepared tooth. Dr. Bailey will permanently bond the shell into place, for long lasting results. Patients who receive dental veneers can expect to attend two or three dental appointments. You’ll leave your last appointment with an entirely new smile and improved self-confidence.

Concealing a Severely Discolored Tooth

One of the many wonderful things a dental veneer does is conceal a severely discolored tooth. There are two types of dental stains, internal and external. Dark-colored foods and drinks, such as raspberries and red wine, cause external stains. These stains are often removed with in-office whitening treatment. Internal stains may result from issues like taking tetracycline, which is found in certain antibiotics, or from ingesting fluoride during childhood. The stains are embedded inside enamel, so they’re hard to remove and only specific whitening treatments work.

To correct internal dental stains, Dr. Bailey places a customized dental veneer over the discolored tooth. The veneer conceals the flaw, and the repaired tooth to blends seamlessly with surrounding teeth.

Correcting a Crooked Smile

Traditional braces and Invisalign® are often worn for months, even years at a time. Orthodontic treatment straightens crooked smiles by gradually shifting the teeth into proper alignment. For patients who can’t wait on the results of conventional braces, Dr. Bailey may recommend veneers. She can place a veneer over a crooked tooth to straighten its appearance. Rather than moving your teeth, dental veneers reshape unappealing teeth. By placing a porcelain veneer over crooked or gapped (widely spaced) teeth, Dr. Bailey can instantly make a smile look more attractive.

Repairing a Chipped Tooth

Although dental bonding can restore the shape of a natural tooth, Dr. Bailey can improve tooth appearance by placing a dental veneer over the flawed tooth. Patients often opt for a porcelain veneer rather than bonding, because of durability. Porcelain is stronger than the composite resin used in dental bonding. Unlike with bonding, patients who veneers don’t have to be as cautious when eating hard or crunchy foods. An additional advantage of porcelain veneers is their stain resistance.

Along with correcting stained, misaligned, and chipped teeth, dental veneers close wide spaces to make smiles more uniform.

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