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Biomimetic Dentistry: Conserving Natural Tooth Structure for Longer-Lasting Results

Traditional methods of tooth restoration require dentists to remove a significant amount of healthy structure. This process can further weaken a tooth, making it even more vulnerable to damage in the future. At Cosmetic Dentistry of Knoxville, we believe there is a better way. In fact, we strive to take advantage of new techniques whenever they become available. That is why Dr. Ruth E. Bailey practices biomimetic dentistry. This innovative approach combines today’s high-quality dental materials and conservative methods for a smile that can last for many years to come.

Defining Biomimetic Dentistry

To understand the definition of biomimetic, let’s look at the word itself. Biomimetic literally means to “mimic life”. What does this mean in the world of dentistry? Simply stated, it means we prefer to treat teeth as conservatively as possible and leave them the way nature intended. Through more precise techniques and advanced technology, we are able to keep natural teeth strong, healthy, and resilient to bacteria.

Treating Cavities with a Biomimetic Approach

Before placing a dental restoration, decay must first be removed to prevent bacteria from spreading. In order to keep the natural tooth as strong as possible, Dr. Bailey works meticulously to only remove the damaged portion. Next, any cracks in the tooth are sealed. Precise amounts of biocompatible dental material are then placed to reconstruct the tooth layer by layer. This allows the restoration to flex in the same manner that a natural tooth does.

Reduce or Altogether Eliminate Root Canal Therapy with Biomimetic Dentistry

In conventional dentistry, when the cavity gets too close to the nerve of the tooth, a root canal is performed. However, with Biomimetic Dentistry, the process is slow and meticulous, and worthwhile. The end result: the tooth is saved and root canal therapy is often not needed. Only the decay is removed from the tooth and the healthy tissue is untouched.

Learn More about Biomimetic Dentistry

Retain your own natural tooth structure for a smile that will last for years to come. To learn more about biomimetic dentistry at our practice, contact us online or give us a call at 865-588-1294.