Fast Orthodontic Treatment with AcceleDent®️ Aura

AuraLogo&ProductShot_RGB-STACKEDHave you wondered what life would be like without your microwave? I think you would agree that the technology transforms how you prepare your meals.

You’re accustomed to “fast.” So it’s not surprising that you would desire a faster orthodontic treatment.

Imagine what 20 minutes a day could do to reduce your time in braces.

AcceleDent® Aura is capable of increasing the speed of your tooth movement. Moving your teeth faster would naturally decrease the length of your orthodontic treatment.

The Soft Pulse Technology™️ is safe. It’s also known to help your orthodontics be more comfortable.

Wear the battery-powered Mouthpiece every day for 20 minutes. The gentle vibrations (micro pulses) create enhanced tooth movement that allows for faster treatment results.

Straighter teeth in less time

Research has shown AcceleDent®️ Aura to accelerate tooth movement up to 50 percent. This saves you time at appointments and can create your new smile faster than orthodontics alone.

U.S. clinical trials have revealed that the SoftPulse Technology™️ is safe and reliable for your orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent®️ Aura is classified as a Class II medical device and is cleared by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) for use.

The technology is compatible with most orthodontics. I recommend that you ask if it’s an effective option for you.

The more you know the better

It’s natural to have questions. The sooner you get informed, use AcceleDent®️ Aura to improve your orthodontic treatment, the sooner you’ll enjoy straight, aligned teeth.

View the information on our AcceleDent®️ Aura page. Discover how the orthodontic technology works and what 20 minutes a day can do to reduce your time in braces.

Contact our Knoxville dental office about AcceleDent®️ Aura and its positive affect on your orthodontic treatment. Schedule a consultation to discuss how to achieve straight teeth…faster!

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