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What if you could preserve the majority of your damaged tooth and avoid dental crowns? While crowns are an excellent tool for restoring broken and decayed teeth, they require the reshaping and filing down of the tooth’s natural structure. Because of this, a dental crown must always remain in place. There is a new procedure that has recently been introduced into the dental industry called biomimetic dentistry. This is a minimally invasive type of restoration that preserves the healthy tooth structure and only replaces the unhealthy portion. This restorative treatment can also help prevent root canal therapy.

Dr. Ruth Bailey is one of only 200 other dentists in the world who performs biomimetic dentistry. Our Knoxville, TN office has fully incorporated this innovative procedure into our restorative treatment methods and is proud to offer it to our patients. To learn more about biomimetic dentistry and how it can benefit you, please continue reading. You can also schedule a consultation with Dr. Bailey by calling (865) 588-1294 or contacting us online.

What Is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is a form of tooth conserving dentistry designed to treat damaged and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and prevents bacterial invasion. Though the bones and tissues in your body can mend themselves, your teeth are unable to do so. Compromised teeth need to be mended immediately. If not, you put yourself at risk of losing them. By using advanced materials and technology, biomimetic dentistry can preserve the natural tooth structure and extend the longevity of your teeth, just as nature intended.

How Does Biomimetic Dentistry Work?

Biomimetic translates to: mimic life. With this form of dental treatment, the teeth’s natural properties were studied in order to better duplicate them to create a material that restores and strengthens teeth, as well as preserves as much of the natural tooth as possible. A biomimetic restoration creates a dentin seal that prevents sensitivity and also prevents cracks. The damaged tooth structure is then built back incrementally with a gold standard composite, often with fiber mesh embedded to allow the restoration to flex with the tooth. This material simulates both the biomechanics and aesthetic properties of healthy teeth and minimizes the pressure between the tooth and restoration so as to prevent fractures or bacteria from creeping in.

Over time, traditional restorative methods used in dental fillings and dental crowns, can weaken the natural tooth structure, causing small cracks in the tooth surface that can increase your risk for fractures and bacterial infection. This results in the subsequent need for root canal therapy or dental implants and bridges if the tooth is extracted.

Biomimetic restorations mimic the movement and strength of enamel and dentin so as to reinforce the structural integrity of the tooth, as well as blend in with its natural shade and characteristics to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and durable result. Patients find that biomimetic restorations look and feel much better than traditional restorations.

Learn More About Biomimetic Restorations

Preservation and conservation are the foundations of biomimetic dentistry, making it an excellent solution for both dentist and patient. If you are interested in learning more about this new technology, please contact our Knoxville, TN dental office today to schedule your consultation. You can contact us online or by calling (865) 588-1294.

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