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Veneers vs. White Crowns

You’ve seen the sensational, bright white smiles of Hollywood stars, super models, and your most image-conscious friends and relatives, and you’ve finally decided that it’s your turn. If you want an unforgettable and inspiring smile, modern cosmetic dentistry will deliver. Dr. Ruth Bailey offers a wide selection of cosmetic procedures, including white porcelain crowns and … Continued

How to Choose Between a Dental Bridge and a Removable Partial

Missing teeth cause a number of challenges. The good news is that restorative dentistry provides you options for your tooth loss. There are two popular treatments. Each have their advantages and their disadvantages. So, how do you decide between a dental bridge and a removable partial (denture)? First, let’s compare the two. A dental bridge … Continued

What Fluoride Does to Protect and Strengthen Your Teeth

Fluoride is misunderstood. Yes, there’s an amount of it in the water you drink but is this enough? Good question. The answer has more to do with how vigilant you are to protect your tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. In that case, wouldn’t you agree that more is better? Meet the resistance Your teeth … Continued

Improve the Value of Your Dental Insurance

We wouldn’t blame you for procrastinating. More so if you’re in the midst of holiday activity. Your dental care is perhaps not top of mind. That said, your dental insurance perhaps isn’t as well. Sure, a dental emergency or scheduling reminder might tip you towards a call to our office. We’re here if necessary. The … Continued

Teeth Whitening: Pro or DIY?

If you’re an independent type you get it. A DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mindset comes easy to you. But when it comes to certain areas of your life is this a good idea? Let’s talk about teeth whitening. No doubt there are dozens of at-home, over-the-counter (aka DIY) products to scratch your boot-strapping itch. In fact, Americans … Continued

How to Approach Your Dental Care When You’re Expecting a Baby

Pregnancy shakes things up a bit. Right!? That’s not news to you whether you’re pregnant for the first time or you’ve been pregnant before. Your diet, doctor appointments, physical exercise, and yes, your dental health, matters. In fact, the dental health aspect is an important part of your wellness plan as an expectant mother. Less … Continued

Why Now is a Good Time to Listen to Your Dentist and Dental Hygienist About Preventive Dentistry (Including Flossing)

Is it best to ‘er on the side of caution? Preventive dentistry can help answer that question. Actually, preventive dental care takes a more proactive approach to your oral health. It’s not so much cautionary it’s more about taking responsibility. Tooth decay and cavities happen. And your likelihood of developing gingivitis that can progress into … Continued

Restore Your Tooth Without It Appearing Obvious

Necessary dental treatment is good for you and your health. Dental fillings would fit that category. Good news! It’s no longer necessary to announce to the “world” that you have a filling every time you smile. That due to metal once being the go-to filling material but no longer. Tooth-colored fillings give you a much … Continued