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Efficient Laser Dentist Can Improve Your Dental Treatment

Your gums are intended to work together with your jawbone to keep your teeth securely in place, as well as frame each tooth to provide a balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile. Giving your gums the attention they deserve can protect your teeth and help you maintain optimal oral health. Even with good oral hygiene and … Continued

How Laser Dentistry Improves the Comfort and Speed of Your Dental Procedures

Given the choice I think you would agree. Especially if your choice is between comfort or discomfort. Through the years dental treatment has endured in spite of the discomfort stigma. If you could choose, I’m fairly certain you would choose comfort, right? Laser dentistry makes that possible. Now more than ever. The use of lasers … Continued

Laser Dentistry – A Better Gum Treatment (Without Surgery)

“There has to be a better way.” Saying those words implies there’s something you would prefer to avoid. You might have a similar reaction when a dental exam reveals you have gum disease. It’s especially concerning when the recommended gum disease treatment includes the word, “surgery.” Your gums require proper care. It’s why they receive … Continued

Modern Knoxville Laser Dentistry Techniques and Practices

Knoxville Laser Dentistry for the Modern Dentistry Era The word “laser” is very familiar in our culture. From Star Wars to lighting to supermarket checkout scanners, lasers are everywhere. Albert Einstein published the theoretical basis for lasers in 1917, but the first lasers weren’t developed until the early 1960’s. While technology can seem daunting at times, … Continued