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Can You Experience Faster Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult?

Adulthood has privileges. This is true for your dental treatment including orthodontics. For years you may have been aware of your crooked, misaligned, or crowded teeth. The decision was easy to delay due to your lifestyle obligations or concerns about the treatment. Life is different now. It seems like the perfect time to do something … Continued

How to Approach Your Dental Care When You’re Expecting a Baby

Pregnancy shakes things up a bit. Right!? That’s not news to you whether you’re pregnant for the first time or you’ve been pregnant before. Your diet, doctor appointments, physical exercise, and yes, your dental health, matters. In fact, the dental health aspect is an important part of your wellness plan as an expectant mother. Less … Continued

How Invisalign®️ Can Give Your Teen an Edge in School and Beyond

  What parent doesn’t want their parent to succeed in school? Much of their success mindset has to do with their personal sense of well-being. Knowing that, consider this scenario. You inform them that they require orthodontic treatment. It wouldn’t surprise you to hear, “Braces, no way!” Orthodontic treatment has advanced. Invisalign®️ for teens provides … Continued

Why Now is a Good Time to Listen to Your Dentist and Dental Hygienist About Preventive Dentistry (Including Flossing)

Is it best to ‘er on the side of caution? Preventive dentistry can help answer that question. Actually, preventive dental care takes a more proactive approach to your oral health. It’s not so much cautionary it’s more about taking responsibility. Tooth decay and cavities happen. And your likelihood of developing gingivitis that can progress into … Continued

Restore Your Tooth Without It Appearing Obvious

Necessary dental treatment is good for you and your health. Dental fillings would fit that category. Good news! It’s no longer necessary to announce to the “world” that you have a filling every time you smile. That due to metal once being the go-to filling material but no longer. Tooth-colored fillings give you a much … Continued

More Reason to Pay Attention to Your Diet and Dental Health

Dentists are quick to inform you about your basic dental health. Brushing, flossing, and check-ups included. There’s another oral health essential. The connection is well known. It’s about your dietary choices. A strong relationship exists between what you eat and drink and your dental health. Next to food quality is the timing related to your … Continued

Reasons You Shouldn’t Delay Treatment for a Tooth Abscess

Structural damage is serious. A house, a building…or your tooth – it can have a longterm impact. This makes it vital to know the symptoms and solutions for treating a tooth abscess. An abscessed tooth is caused by an infection deep within your tooth structure. Dental cavities, tooth decay, or oral trauma can create the … Continued

What to Do to Keep Your Dental Implant Healthy

It’s normal to have questions about the treatment you’re considering or that you have scheduled. Your questions are necessary because they help affirm your decision and can improve your treatment results. So, you’re wondering about dental implants? There’s a common question that’s asked about implant treatment.   It has to do with the healing period. … Continued

The Reasons Gingivitis is a BIG Deal

You might call it a dental buzz-word. It’s commonly mentioned on television commercials featuring a toothpaste or other oral health product. So, what is gingivitis anyway? Basically, it’s the most common form of periodontal (gum) disease. Millions experience it. Like many oral health conditions, early treatment of your gum issues reduces your risk of something … Continued

The Secret for a Summer-Ready Smile with Porcelain Veneers

There’s a thin margin between Spring’s renewal and Summer’s simplicity. However you experience them the seasonal transition is good for your attitude and your dental health. Simple, slight changes can transform your smile. You’ll feel more summer-ready for those weddings, your vacation, or a high school reunion. Porcelain veneers are a simple, two-appointment cosmetic dentistry … Continued