Dental Anxiety is Real But There are Some Effective Remedies - Knoxville Cosmetic Dentist, Invisalign Premier Pro.

Anxiety can affect you at any time. Seasonal events, holidays, life transitions, and more are common stressors.

Dental anxiety is also significant for some. Perhaps you have experienced it on occasion.

If so, you’re among the 15% of Americans that face it. It can be as simple as anticipating a dental appointment or as substantial as fearing a dental procedure.

Though common, dental anxiety can create problems for your oral health. Avoiding or delaying treatment can produce a variety of risky issues for your teeth and gums.

Know your triggers

Awareness is the first step to understanding the causes of your personal dental anxiety. Knowing what triggers it is helpful for accepting it and moving through it.

Some common causes include memories of painful or uncomfortable dental care experiences, being embarrassed about your teeth, or feeling out of control during a dental appointment or treatment procedure.

We’re available to listen to your fears or anxiety about any dental treatment. In fact, a good starting remedy is talking to us so we can provide you perspective on your appointment or upcoming procedure to help calm your anxiety.

Calming solutions

Your Knoxville dentist provides a few comfort enhancing approaches to your dental care. Each is designed to help eliminate fear and provide you a comfortable experience in our dental office.


Ask about our sedation options for your next dental appointment. Nitrous oxide (“happy gas”) and certain oral sedation methods are available to assist with helping you relax during your appointment or treatment.

Laser Dentistry

Laser technology helps eliminate much of the pain that can cause dental anxiety. Non-surgical procedures such as gum treatment, gum contouring, and other dental procedures can be virtually pain-free with laser dentistry solutions.

Digital X-rays

Your fear of exposure to dental x-rays is significantly reduced by digital x-ray technology. The exposure is known to be minimal compared to standard, film based x-rays used in the past.

Communicate any fear or anxiety you have about any dental procedure or anything to do with your appointment. Contact our Knoxville dental office with your questions or concerns about dental anxiety ahead of your next appointment.

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