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A back-up quarterback in football or relief pitcher in baseball. These and other sports rely on someone to come in off-the-bench when necessary.

You’ve decided to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant. You’re all set…then you discover the one thing that could be a setback to your procedure.

A vital “player” on your implant “team”

Your dental implant forms your new tooth root. It’s the anchor point for your new tooth structure above your gum tissue.

The foundation that holds your implant is your jawbone. It’s vital that you have an adequate amount of healthy bone tissue to place your implant.

Gum disease or a delay in replacing your missing tooth can lead to bone loss. When you lose bone or have an inadequate amount of it your dental implant cannot be effectively secured.

This causes a problem for your implant treatment. But there’s a solution.

Your back-up plan

Bone tissue is available and can be grafted at the site of your dental implant. A bone graft uses bone from another location on your own body or from another source.

Your chin, a portion or your lower jaw are common sources of available bone tissue. Bone can also be used from a human cadaver, cows, or other synthetic sources.

The bone grafting procedure can be completed in our dental office or referred to a selected oral surgeon. Local anesthesia provides you a comfortable procedure as the bone is extracted and placed for your implant.

Your bone graft must heal and adapt to your primary tissue. This can require up to six months in some instances prior to placing your dental implant.

Dental implant placement is a “team” effort. Healthy and adequate bone and gum tissue help assure that your implant will be secure and functional for many years.

Contact your Knoxville dentist about your tooth loss. Schedule a dental examination to discuss dental implant treatment and to assess your related gum and bone health.

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