Preventive Dental Care - Do This If You Enjoy “Treating” Yourself

candy-ruth-bailey-preventive-dental-careEveryone, including you, sneaks a treat or two. It’s trick-or-treat time after all and the holidays are arriving soon.

Candy, sugar-snacks, and all that “goodness” you enjoy are everywhere. You should be able to treat yourself and not feel guilty.

In fact, there’s a way you can do that and know that your teeth and gums are protected. Preventive dentistry safeguards your oral health all year long and it’s especially valuable during those seasonal or occasional sugar binges.

For life

Lifetime value is attached to your teeth and gums. They also give evidence of the condition of your oral health.

This is more evident when poor nutrition is the norm rather than the exception in your daily routine. Your teeth and gums are more vulnerable if you fail to practice consistent preventive dental care.

It doesn’t have to be a problem

Oral bacteria thrive on neglect. Your risk increases as your sugar intake does when it’s not followed by proper dental hygiene.

Bacteria feast and multiply on the surface of your teeth and gum tissue. They indulge in the sugar that is neglected or that remains on your tooth surfaces.

Once bacteria crawls beneath your gum tissue you’re at risk for developing gum disease. This makes it vital that you take responsibility for your oral health especially if you enjoy sugary foods and beverages.

Two tooth and gum saving strategies

1-Establish a daily dental health and diet routine.

You hear a lot about monitoring the foods you eat. This doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally slip into bad habits but the bigger issue has to do with your follow-up dental care.

If you’re curious about the diet and dental health connection, ask us. We have a variety of solutions that can safeguard your health.

2-Think preventive dentistry and make it a priority

Good habits start at home. Brushing and flossing your teeth are the baseline.

Professional care is also an oral health essential and a fundamental of preventive dentistry. Dental examinations and professional teeth cleaning two times per year keep your mouth healthy and help you avoid costly dental treatment.

So…go ahead and enjoy treating yourself. Know that it’s what you do afterwards that removes any regret.

Contact your Knoxville dentist about a dental healthy diet and preventive dentistry. Schedule you and your family’s next dental examination and teeth cleaning.

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