Experience Faster Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

adult-orthodontics-nashvilleAdulthood has privileges. This is true for your dental treatment including orthodontics.

For years you may have been aware of your crooked, misaligned, or crowded teeth. The decision was easy to delay due to your lifestyle obligations or concerns about the treatment.

Life is different now. It seems like the perfect time to do something about straightening your teeth.

Two questions:

1-Can you wear orthodontics?


2-Can you reduce the time it takes to straighten your teeth as a adult?

Let’s deal with both questions at the same time.

It’s about more than time

We understand the concern about treatment duration. You’re an adult and the thought of wearing braces or aligners for several months can be reason enough to delay.

Beyond time the lifestyle impact is perhaps the key issue. The hassles associated with eating and of course the affect on your appearance can be a decision factor.

The answer you’re looking for

Invisible aligners such as Invisalign® help make your appearance less of an issue. This type of orthodontic treatment is also removable causing less impact on your lifestyle including eating.

There’s also a solution for treatment duration. AcceleDent® is a  hands-free device you can use for approximately 20 minutes a day.

It uses micro-pulse technology to move your jaw structure and teeth at a quicker pace. It’s common for AcceleDent® to reduce your time in orthodontics up to 50%.

This accelerated orthodontic technology also allows you to do other activities while using it. Contact our Knoxville dental office about adult orthodontics.

Schedule a dental examination to discuss Invisalign® and the AcceleDent® device.

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