7 Foods that Naturally Brighten Tooth Enamel and Fight Decay

You’ve probably heard that foods and beverages, such as coffee, red wine, and tomatoes can cause tooth discoloration and staining, but did you know you can brighten your pearly whites naturally just by consuming certain foods? You would be surprised by what swapping out a few products found in your grocery store can do for your smile. Together, a balanced diet and routine oral hygiene can prevent tooth decay and gum disease, while also keep your smile radiant. Whiter teeth can make your smile more attractive and take years off your appearance. This is why professional teeth whitening continues to grow in popularity year after year. You can maintain a healthy and beautiful smile just by snacking on the following seven items.

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Now that it’s apple season – it’s time to stock up! Apples contain high levels of malic acid. By chewing on this crunchy fruit, it gently scrubs bacteria and stains from the surface of your teeth. Malic acid also increases saliva production to help wash away unhealthy debris between teeth.


Pineapple contains bromelain – an enzyme with both cleaning properties and inflammation reducing capabilities. This ingredient is often added in toothpastes. By consuming this healthy fruit, you can whiten teeth and remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth.


High in fiber, broccoli can reduce inflammation within your mouth and body, lowering your risk for gum disease. When consumed raw, it can scrub plaque and stains from the surface of your teeth to reveal a brighter, healthier smile. As an added benefit, the iron in broccoli acts as a barrier against acid-eating enamel known for causing cavities.


Drinking water is not only good for your body, but it increases saliva production to help keep teeth clean and bright. When consumed with a meal, it can help keep food and other debris from getting trapped between your teeth and gums. Be sure and swish your mouth immediately with water after consuming dark-pigmented foods or beverages, such as coffee, chocolate, black tea, red wine, and tomato-based products to help prevent them from staining your teeth.


It may be surprising to read that this bright red fruit can help keep your teeth white.  Just like apples, strawberries also contain malic acid to help polish teeth. As an added benefit, they also contain specific antioxidants and vitamin C known for fighting bacteria and inflammation within your mouth, reducing your risk for dental staining and gum disease.


Rich in calcium, phosphorus, and protein, cheese can strengthen enamel through remineralization and act a buffer against harmful acids in the mouth known for damaging or staining teeth. The lactic acid found in cheese can also fight against tooth decay. Harder cheeses can also increase saliva production to help remove plaque and whiten teeth.


When consumed raw, this crunchy vegetable can scrub your teeth. As saliva increases, it will clean your teeth even further. The vitamin A in carrots is good for both your eyesight and strengthening enamel.


When eaten raw, this fibrous vegetable acts as a natural toothbrush. As you snack on celery, you can say goodbye to tooth stains. Because of its high water content, saliva production is also stimulated to help keep breath fresh and teeth clean.

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