The Lifestyle Impact of Invisalign and Why It Matters

There’s a reason you might choose to avoid orthodontic treatment. It’s also the same reason you would reconsider and choose Invisalign®️.

Next to appearance or cost issues you would likely set aside orthodontic treatment due to its impact on your lifestyle.

Invisalign®️ solves that problem.

Straightening your teeth with Invisalign®️ is proven to have a minimal affect on your overall lifestyle during treatment.

The reason?

Invisalign®️ uses clear aligners that are removable. This gives you the option of wearing them for the majority of your day and removing them for eating or other activity for a period of time.

That’s only the beginning of lifestyle enhancing benefits that Invisalign®️ provides you.

Here are a few more:

Your oral health

Maintaining your daily dental health routine is easy. Because your aligners are removable you can brush, floss, and rinse your teeth without the hassle that’s common with metal braces.

This eliminates an additional step or two required to clean your braces. The time saved will enable to enjoy your life without unnecessary interruptions.

Your diet

You can remove your Invisalign®️ aligners when you eat. This enables you to enjoy your favorite foods without restriction or fear of food getting caught in metal wires and brackets.

The removable option can also prevent any damage that could be caused by your food choices. This saves you costs on maintenance and protects your orthodontic investment.

Your activity

Sports or an otherwise active lifestyle can be an issue with standard braces treatment. Any impact to your mouth can injure your teeth, mouth, or gums.

Invisalign®️ eliminates the risk of cutting or injury that can be caused by sharp metal braces. You can remove your aligners during sports and wear a mouthguard to further protect your teeth without any hinderance.

Your ongoing maintenance

Again, your daily oral health care routine can also include easy cleaning of your Invisalign®️ aligners. They can be brushed gently and rinsed in lukewarm water to keep them clean and free from food particles.

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