What Really Happens at a Dental Checkup?

Dentists recommended that you schedule a dental checkup every six months, but have you ever wondered why? If you brush your teeth twice a day, floss regularly, and don’t experience any tooth pain—a regular checkup may seem unnecessary. The truth is that a dental checkup can help prevent problems and detect possible tooth decay and gum disease before symptoms show. No matter how healthy you think your mouth may be, the key to good oral hygiene is early detection and regular preventive care. At a visit with Knoxville dentist Dr. Ruth Bailey, you’ll have a thorough dental examination performed, receive preventive treatments, and get a professional cleaning and x-rays.

A healthy smile is a happy smile, but you can’t achieve it on your own. Schedule your dental checkup today with Knoxville, TN dentist Dr. Bailey. Call 865-588-1294 to schedule your appointment.

Dental Checkup Checklist

At each dental checkup, Dr. Bailey will perform an in-depth visual examination of your mouth. Along with that, she will provide a professional cleaning to remove any calcified plaque that has developed in hard-to-reach areas and under the gum line. Preventive treatments, such as fluoride gel and sealants, may be delivered to boost the health of your enamel and prevent decay. If there are signs of disease or decay, she may recommend restorative treatments to prevent further damage. X-rays will be taken to further assess the state of your teeth, gums, and jawbone.

Dental Examination

During a dental checkup, you can expect to have Dr. Bailey examine every part of your mouth. She will look at the health of your gums, while looking for early signs of gum disease. At this time, she can give you tips on how to get the most out of flossing and twice daily brushing. Along with assessing your gums, she will look at your jawbone to ensure that it is strong and shows no signs of bacterial infection. A healthy jawbone is essential for maintaining strong teeth. During Dr. Bailey’s visual examination, she will use special tools to help identify demineralized areas of your tooth enamel where cavities are likely to develop.

Another important step of every examination is the oral cancer screening. Dr. Bailey will look at all the soft tissues of the mouth to look for changes that may indicate oral cancers. This includes the lips, palate, throat, tongue and gums. Warning signs may include thickening, irregular coloring, spots, or areas of numbness. She will also feel the neck, jaw, and head to look for signs of possible oral cancers. If you have noticed any lumps or sores that do not go away after two weeks, bring these to Dr. Bailey’s attention during your appointment.

Professional Cleanings

Dental checkups are a great time to get that extra-deep clean. Twice daily brushing and flossing after each meal is the first step in getting a beautifully radiant smile, however it’s easy to miss those hard to reach spaces between each of your teeth. One of our highly qualified team members will clean between each of your teeth, as well as the surfaces of your teeth to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Professional cleanings don’t just enhance the appearance of your smile, they aid in better smelling breath and reduce your risk of developing cavities. We finish up your professional cleaning by polishing your teeth to remove stains and give you a radiant smile.


We recommend that you have x-rays taken at least once a year to help Dr. Bailey get a better idea of the overall health of your smile. They allow us to see your jawbone and teeth in greater detail, to help us determine which procedures you may need. X-rays can also reveal infections, bone loss, impacted teeth, cysts, and other growths that may not be seen with a visual examination.

Preventive Treatments

Preventive treatments give your teeth an added layer of protection against tooth decay. Fluoride gel is used to help strengthen tooth enamel, and is especially beneficial for children and patients who may have enamel erosion due to medical conditions. Dental sealants can be used to seal off deep cracks or grooves that are too small to reach with a toothbrush, but can harbor harmful bacteria.

Schedule your dental checkup with Knoxville, TN dentist Dr. Ruth Bailey. Call 865-588-1294 today.

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